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OkiBoard V2 Buttons


For any queries please see FAQ or contact us via email, webchat or contact form.

Tech Specs

Button Layout


The layout for the right hand buttons is a very slightly modified Astro City P2 Layout. Overall the layout resembles a Shiokenstar Hitbox layout.

V2 H1T Template

The TpKey emulates clicking the touchpad on a PS4/5 controller. Only some games will make use of this. This button can be rebound in steam, or using the GP2040-CE web configurator.

Switch Specification




The controller is compatible with external adapters such as those made by Brook and Mayflash

There is a space to install the Brook UFB-UP5 upgrade, which adds PS5 compatibility to certain Brook PCBs

User Guides

Brook User Guide

Input Modes

Brook Mode

To manually change input mode hold the button while plugging in your device

The mode should be automatically chosen depending on the device you are connecting to. If you are having trouble with your console detecting the controller, then try manually selecting the mode.

SOCD Modes

Brook SOCD

To change SOCD mode hold the button while plugging in your device.

Mode 1 is the default


SOCD modes are saved automatically

Stick Emulation


To change the active stick, hold the button combinations for three seconds

Usefl Links

Useful Links

Guides (old)


Art Template PSD

Promotional Art​

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