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Installing a New Brook Board

  • Plug in button wires into their corresponding slot in the screw terminal in the Brook board.

  • Use JST cable to connect the Brook board to the breakout USB-C Board.

  • For  XB, Audio, Zero-Pi and PS3/PS4 Plus Fighting Boards, simply connect the 4 pin cable from the breakout USB to the Brook board.

  • For Boards without the USB JST connector (UFB, Wireless) use the 4 pin header. You have to make sure the wire is oriented in the correct direction.  Follow the wires and make sure they are installed the correct way around. (GND to GND, VCC to VCC etc.)

  • Use the provided sticky mounting pads to mount the board into place. 

  • OkiBoard V2 uses a screw based mounting method, use screws to install the new PCB.

OkiBoard Wiring
OkiBoard Wiring
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