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Switch Replacement

  • Use either switch puller to pull the switch out or a flat head screwdriver or similar tool.

  •  If using a switch puller, pull the switch out straight, not at an angle, to avoid bending the pins.

  • If using a flat head screw driver gently pry the bottom of the switch out first, then the top, this helps avoid bending the pins.

  • Place new switch into the switch plate, try to make sure the pins are aligned with the hotswap pocket.

  • Don't use more force than necessary, it can help to wiggle the switch as you put it in to make sure the pins align correctly.

  • If you bend a pin, don't panic, pull the switch out and either using your fingers or a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the pins back into place.

  • Replace one switch at a time, rather than taking them all out at once. This allows the PCB below to maintain full integrity as you replace your switches.

Remove button cap.


Grip switch at top and bottom and pull straight out.


Switch pins go into the two bottom holes.


Gently install new switch.

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