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OkiBoard V2

Introducing an all-button, stickless, portable, fighting game, hitbox controller designed and hand assembled in the UK.



Mechanical Keyboard Switches

  • Kailh Box Red and Box Navy switches

  • Kailh Hotswap Sockets - Compatible with any MX switch


Industry Leading Internals

  • ​OkiBoard Arcades is partnered with Brook as part of the Brook Inside initiative

  • Multiple Brook Fighting Board or GP2040-CE options depending on the platforms you play on

  • Ultra low latency

  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes, including Capcom SOCD

  •  JST connector based design allows for compatibility with any Brook Board for easy upgrades



  • Front and back art panels
  • Coloured buttons caps

Ergonomic Design

  • Shiokenstar layout
  • 340x200x23.5 (mm), 2kg
  • Big enough to play on your lap or desktop
  • Space to rest your hands
  • Easy to reach system keys

Solid build

  • Acrylic enclosure
  • Laser cut steel switch plate
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